How to make Easter Bunnies for Easter decorations.

How to make Easter Bunnies for Easter Decorations.
In many countries kids are on vacations for Easter,
if you are looking for some activities to keep them busy, you might have already at home all the materials you need to make these Easter Bunnies.
You will need:
1. Some toilet paper rolls
2. Coloring pencils
3. Black marker.
If your kids are small, you can draw the bunnies on the toilet paper rolls, then give them to color them.
But if your kids are great artist they will make some great drawings for Easter, let them do all the work, you will get great Easter Art to display in your home.
Here are some steps you might want to follow:
Clean off all toilet paper from the rolls.
Draw with pencil first the bunnies, then mark them down with black marker.
Start coloring, you can start coloring lightly,
Then, add more color, as the Easter bunnies are most of the time white, I colored the background,
Hope you like this activity for your kids,
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