Hello March! and 10 things you can do!

Hello March!
and 10 things you can do to make a better Month!
Spring is around the corner!!, nice weather will be here soon, and we could make more nice things out doors.
- go out with no coat, no boots, no hat!!
- see the grass getting green again.
- see the crocus flowers popping up while the snow melts down
- open the windows and let fresh air come in the house
- start planting seeds for the garden
- sun will be shinning more hours every day
- no more snow on roads
- local markets will get fresh veggies again
- go out for a long walk
- see canadian geese flying back north on the sky
Think Miss Fox is happy to be back to life after a long and cold winter, think she can wait to do so many things out doors, I just wonder where do the little birds are at this moment?, does Miss Fox Miss them?
Well, think we will know soon.
What are your plans for this Month?, will you do Spring cleanning at home?, will you go out doors and just enjoy the good weather?
Whatever is on your list, just enjoy it, make of March a good month for you and yours!

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