Let's Welcome 2015!

Let's Welcome 2015!
I thank you all for being part of a wonderful 2014,
Time to look to our present and to a new year.
let's make a wonderful year.
Wish you all the best,
You can print these quotes, hope they help you to stay motivated all year round.

Y en español también
Vamos a darle una muy buena Bienvenida al 2015
Muchas gracias por todas sus visitas a mi blog
y hacer de mi 2014, un muy buen año.
Les tengo estas ilustraciones para darle la bienvenida al 2015,
espero les ayuden a mantenerse motivados al largo del año.
Mis mejores deseos para todos ustedes, que tengan un excelente 2015!!

Christmas Angel Cards

When I think on someone that means to me a lot, I like to make something special for that person.
This time I made these two Christmas Angels,
but I wanted to make something different that the regular cards for Christmas.
Something that you would like to keep it in a place where you can see it often.
It is said, that every time a bell rings an Angel earns its wings.
Buy my cards on my Etsy Store, they are only for 1.00 dolar,
you can print as many as you want to.
Print them out, cut, and put a bell with a cotton cord, and give them as a small present.
I thank you for supporting my art and business.
Ale Balanzario

A Gnome in a Jar!

A Gnome in a Jar !
I'm staying at home today... all day!, forecast says Snow Storm for today,
What to do for fun, when you need to stay inside all day, and it happens you are an illustrator.
Well, I got A Gnome in a Jar!, another Christmas decorations,
Just a piece of paper for watercolor, and something had to come up from it.
a little Gnome, he might not be so happy I got him, and I put it in a Jar!
Glup, I hope I don't get in bad problems.
Well, maybe he will be happier if he find another home to live in!
You will recibe, the Gnome and the 3 mushrooms,
little watercolors made by me, in a letter.
Then, you need to put the gnome in a jar as I did, or just, use him as book mark.
Leave a comment, on Sunday night I will pick a winner.
I will mail the gnome on Monday morning!

You can leave your comment here or on my Facebook Fans Page
all comments will count!
Good Luck to everyone!

Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels
I must tell you the true, I live in the country, my husband and I live in a small house in the country, in the back yard there are a few trees, most of them are and will be to provide wood for the wood stove, but every year, there are some new ever green pine trees there.
Four years ago, I had the idea to go out and pick the best of those young trees for Christmas, I thought it was a good idea, in Spring we could bring it back to the back yard.
Frist year worked good, as the second, not the next year, the little young tree didn't make it, and the last year, the little one is still alive, but not in good shape.
So, no more natural Christmas tree for Ale this year.
So I bought a little Christmas tree for the dollar store, not a fancy one, and took me a while to think about how did I want to decorate it.
Do you remember those Vintage Angels, I remember when I was young, I used to go to the store with my mom, and look at them all the time. They used to had something that I could get my eyes from them.
So this year, I have my little Christmas Tree decorated with my own little Angeles.
You can print them out, cut, and use them as you like, to decorate your Christmas Tree, or use them as gifts cards.
If you are looking for more Christmas Angels, you can find some on my Etsy store.
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See you back soon!

First Advent Sunday

Wishing you all a beautiful First Advent Sunday
Lots of love and light in your hearts, from Miss Fox and Bird

Second Advent Sunday

Second Advent Sunday
Miss Fox is working hard to get everything ready for Christmas,
but the "to do" list is too long.
She had some free time to do something for this Second Advent Sunday,
and she even got some help from two of the little birds,
they came home with the nice surprise all dressed as Reindeers,
Miss Fox just love them!
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Have a wonderful week, full of good and creative moments!