How to make Easter Bunnies for Easter decorations.

How to make Easter Bunnies for Easter Decorations.
In many countries kids are on vacations for Easter,
if you are looking for some activities to keep them busy, you might have already at home all the materials you need to make these Easter Bunnies.
You will need:
1. Some toilet paper rolls
2. Coloring pencils
3. Black marker.
If your kids are small, you can draw the bunnies on the toilet paper rolls, then give them to color them.
But if your kids are great artist they will make some great drawings for Easter, let them do all the work, you will get great Easter Art to display in your home.
Here are some steps you might want to follow:
Clean off all toilet paper from the rolls.
Draw with pencil first the bunnies, then mark them down with black marker.
Start coloring, you can start coloring lightly,
Then, add more color, as the Easter bunnies are most of the time white, I colored the background,
Hope you like this activity for your kids,
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I thank you for taking the time to read this post, come back soon!

Doodle a day March is lots of fun to do!!

March 23th for #doodleadaymarch
Miss Fox once again is having lots of fun!
March 24th for #doodleadaymarch
Hold your heart!
today and everyday!!

Arch of Flowers, for a cold day of Spring

What could be nicer than an arch made out of flowers,
Hope your weather is nicer than here, for the second day of Spring we have a chilly day, -15C and feeling of -20C.
Sun is shinning, I remember one day, a few years ago, it was my first time here in Canada, after the long winter, I saw through the window sun was shinning, I didn't think a moment, I grabbed my coat and I ran outside, "Sunshine!" I just wanted to feel some sunshine on my face, -what? it was so cold I had to run back inside!!
I learned my lesson, now I check twice the temperature before heading out, warmer days will be here soon!
Have a beautiful day!

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!
Spring for #doodleadaymarch
At least Spring is here!!!, nice weather will be here soon, there's a lot of snow on the ground yet, weather is getting warmer, I just need a coat to go out, no more hat, no more gloves, no more so many layers!!
Think soon I will be drawing Miss Fox and the little ones in bikini!!!
Happy week-end!

Welcome Spring, what could I ask for today?

Welcome Spring
Spring is back, sun is shinning, temp is on the plus side, I could not ask for anything more
Just, be happy, enjoy your day, and have many good moments during Spring!

Ole, ole... ole... let's do the wave for #doodleadaymarch

Ole, ole.. ole, let's do the wave with Miss Fox and the little ones! Spring is almost here, it doesn't matter weather is still too cold here, let's get some fun with them.

What can you draw from shapes, #doodleadaymarch

Shapes is the word for today, #doodleadaymarch challenge us to make a doodle from shapes, what can you draw from a circle, triangle and a rectangle...
This time I did the doodles on my IPad with the apps Sketches, so many resources  for illustrators.


Are you doole-a-day-march along?
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Little for #doodleadaymarch

She is always happy to find little friends in the garden!

Drawing again with the IPad apps INKcredible, then on Photoshop I did a new layer with the colors.
How fun is to make one doodle a day, join us, and share your doodle.
What is little for you?
Do you love when you find little friends in the garden?

How much can you strech out your arms?

Strech for #doodleadaymarch

Today's word for the challenge #doodleadaymarch is strech, I wonder how much could I strech my arms to tell you how much I love you in a big hug?

And you, how much can you strech your arms to let your loved ones how much you love them?, tell me in a comment in inches or cms. I would love to read all your comments.

Frida Kahlo
Yesterday word was "women in history", as mexican, the first woman to came to my mind was Frida Kahlo.
I know you visit me from all over this wonderful planet, what woman came up to your mind when you hear "women in history"?
If you want to doodle along with #doodleadaymarch you are more than welcome. Leave a comment with a link to your site/blog, I would love to see your doodles.

These doodles were made with INKredible apps for my IPad, I highly recomend this apps, easy to download and easy and fun to use.
Thanks for taking your time to read this post!

How to make a small forest.


It's not hard to make a small forest for your home, as Forest is the word for today for #doodleadaymarch,

All you need is to draw a few trees on a piece of paper, if you have at home thicker paper than regular paper, that will help.

Once you finish to draw your trees, cut them out, find a little container to place them in, and voila, you have your own forest to have it at home.

If you find this idea easy and cute to make, make as many forest as you want to, I'm sure they will look nice anywhere you place them.

Take care and have a nice day.


C is for Crocodile,

C is for Crocodile
I'm taking part of #doodleadaymarch and today's word is reptile,
can't draw Miss Fox with a crocodile, this crocodile was not easy to turn down on eating meat!
Miss Fox is happy I didn't draw her with this crocodile.
Think, would be a good idea to draw a full ABC of animals.
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Take care and have a nice day!

How to make a Miss Fox Illustration.

Miss Fox and the Dent de Lion

Miss Fox is a little Fox, gentle, always happy, just retired of the forest life, she really likes small town life, lately she has decided to live with 3 little blue birds, this has taken to Miss Fox to quit on eating meat.

No need to worry about the little birds, the four of them live happy together, yes in my house!

It's always nice to work on a new illustration of Miss Fox, lately, as the weather feels warmer, Miss fox just woke up from the long and deep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz time.

Has been playing and dancing on my desk, looking to bring some joy to my friends and family.

As you can see drawing a Miss Fox is not hard for me, I just need to get in my studio, grab a pencil and a piece of watercolor paper, and Miss Fox is already there, first I do the sketch with pencil, then I draw it with a permanent marker, and let it dry.

While it was getting dry, my mom and one of my sisters came to the studio and we had a chat, oh yes, the beautiful white cat of the house can't miss a good chat, but look!!

What an attitude this white cat has, in the middle of the chat, just went to place her whole body on Miss Fox!! , think Miss Fox was not happy at all!! , oh well, what can I do!

This morning, when Miss Fox, permanent ink is dry, I started to work with the watercolors, one coat at the time, until I like how Miss Fox looks like. Watercolor sometimes I need to let it dry between coats.

When I like how Miss Fox looks, I let her dry completly, then it's time to get a pair of scissors and cut Miss Fox our.

The last step is to turn around the bottom of the illustration and Miss Fox is ready to stand up and bring some joy on a desk or on a night table, anywhere you want to put Miss Fox on.

This time Miss Fox is a special order, the lucky owner asked me Miss Fox blowing to a Dent de Lion, making some wishes up?,

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Take care and have a very nice day!

See you soon with more Miss Fox adventures!


Large, what to do if you find a large daffodil in your garden.


Miss Fox got up early this morning,
as the weather is warmer, she was so happy to find a LARGE daffodil in her garden.

The good thing about being an illustrator and be able to draw happy characters is to have happy things around the house.

I began to draw a doodle a day for March, today's word is LARGE, first thing to came up to my head was to see the little Miss Fox so happy to find a Large daffodil, in her garden!, her favorite flower.

When I make an illustration and I keep in on my sketch book, they will be there for long time, nobody will see them,

How to make an illustration everyone can enjoy it:

- Draw your illustration.
- Wait till it gets dry (when I use watercolor, color pencils, markers, it's better to wait untill the illustration gets dry before you start working with it)
- Cut it off, here an important thing to think about is how do you plan the illustration will stand up by it self. Work on it, this time, I just cut a long piece of paper on the bottom, I made one cut on each end and hooked both together, then I press a little to make the bottom round, this way, Miss fox can stand up by it self.
- Place your illustration some where in the house where everyone can see it.

An illustration is not only to be kept in a book, an illustration can be as many things as you want to, if you are an illustration, think on what you want your illustration to be!

Hope you get a nice and creative day, keep positive and happy.

If you find something nice and it makes you happy, leave me a comment and tell me about it. I'd love to read about it.


Hello March! and 10 things you can do!

Hello March!
and 10 things you can do to make a better Month!
Spring is around the corner!!, nice weather will be here soon, and we could make more nice things out doors.
- go out with no coat, no boots, no hat!!
- see the grass getting green again.
- see the crocus flowers popping up while the snow melts down
- open the windows and let fresh air come in the house
- start planting seeds for the garden
- sun will be shinning more hours every day
- no more snow on roads
- local markets will get fresh veggies again
- go out for a long walk
- see canadian geese flying back north on the sky
Think Miss Fox is happy to be back to life after a long and cold winter, think she can wait to do so many things out doors, I just wonder where do the little birds are at this moment?, does Miss Fox Miss them?
Well, think we will know soon.
What are your plans for this Month?, will you do Spring cleanning at home?, will you go out doors and just enjoy the good weather?
Whatever is on your list, just enjoy it, make of March a good month for you and yours!