Never Stop Learning, Color Class for illustrators

 Color Class
I'm taking the "Color Class" and online course with Marian Lario, a wonderful illustrator and great teacher, this is my 3rd online course I take with her, she never disappoint me, her online courses are complete, well written, easy to follow with lots to learn.
Marian Lario's Blog "El Gato Azul De Prusia" (in Spanish) has always post with great information and resources for illustrators.
In this "Color Class" there is a student Natali, she is another wonderful illustrator and great teacher too. you can visit her blog Nata Ludica (in Spanish), she also always share her knowledge and great illustrations.
And this "Color Class" is as good as the other two I already taken with her, on the first week we learned about the basic of color in illustrations, as homework we need to work on an illustration.
 I'm happy to share with you all some steps of my homework.
1. I made a sketch on my sketch book with pencil.

 2. I scanned it, then I cropped it, worked a little on the brightness and made lines dark enough.
I'm not a professional illustrator and for sure I'm not a professional working with photoshop, but I try to do my best, hope one day I learn enough to make better illustrations, never quilt to learn more.
 3. I made a layer on photoshop and I began to work on the color,
4. I finished my homework adding some touches with more color.
well, think this little guy is having some fun watering one of his friends, I could name this illustration empathy.
I thank you for making the time to read this post, if you like my work, and if you want to get updates of my work, you always can visit and like my Facebook Fan Page, as well my Pinterest illustrations board.
Wish you all a wonderful day, and never stop learning!

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