Be the light in the darkness.

children illustration
Be the light in the darkness.

I always try to keep my blog and my illustrations out of politics.

But this time I see the world is turning into something I don't like, and I see many people feels the same way.

What a single little person can do to do something to turn a better place?

Many days I feel myself that way, what can I do?

Today, if my illustration can help others to have a better day, or to think in a positive way, I'll be happy.

An you too, you can also be the light in the darkness. Keep smiling and keep doing good around you.

Winter weather report!

children illustration ale balanzario
Winter weather report.

One day 8 C, bikini time!
Next day: -15 C, skating time.

So hard to know what to wear with this kind of winter weather.

Some days are just 21 C warmer that it should be for this time of the year according to the weather lady on the radio!.

Have great time!