Kaleidoscope Free Paper Toy

Paper Kaleidoscope Toy
I love Paper Toys, if you ask me why, I would say, for me they are something I've been always attracted to, they are colorful, they are made out of a piece of paper, they are so playful, I can hold them in my hands and play with them for hours.
Another thing I love about Paper toys, it's we all can make them!
This time, together with my sister Mariana, we worked together to make our own Kaleidoscope Paper Toy, you might seen this Kaleidoscope made out paper on the net.
We fall in love with it, and we challenged ourselves to make one for us.
After a few days working on it, here you have it, it works, you can download for free, this time you have to choices to pick from, one with color already on it, or one for coloring, you can color it and then cut, glue and play with it.
Hope you like it, hope you make one or many and have lots of fun with it.

To download the paper toys, click on each one and print them out.
If you have any question, leave a comment and I will respond.

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