Let's Welcome 2015!

Let's Welcome 2015!
I thank you all for being part of a wonderful 2014,
Time to look to our present and to a new year.
let's make a wonderful year.
Wish you all the best,
You can print these quotes, hope they help you to stay motivated all year round.

Y en español también
Vamos a darle una muy buena Bienvenida al 2015
Muchas gracias por todas sus visitas a mi blog
y hacer de mi 2014, un muy buen año.
Les tengo estas ilustraciones para darle la bienvenida al 2015,
espero les ayuden a mantenerse motivados al largo del año.
Mis mejores deseos para todos ustedes, que tengan un excelente 2015!!

Christmas Angel Cards

When I think on someone that means to me a lot, I like to make something special for that person.
This time I made these two Christmas Angels,
but I wanted to make something different that the regular cards for Christmas.
Something that you would like to keep it in a place where you can see it often.
It is said, that every time a bell rings an Angel earns its wings.
Buy my cards on my Etsy Store, they are only for 1.00 dolar,
you can print as many as you want to.
Print them out, cut, and put a bell with a cotton cord, and give them as a small present.
I thank you for supporting my art and business.
Ale Balanzario

A Gnome in a Jar!

A Gnome in a Jar !
I'm staying at home today... all day!, forecast says Snow Storm for today,
What to do for fun, when you need to stay inside all day, and it happens you are an illustrator.
Well, I got A Gnome in a Jar!, another Christmas decorations,
Just a piece of paper for watercolor, and something had to come up from it.
a little Gnome, he might not be so happy I got him, and I put it in a Jar!
Glup, I hope I don't get in bad problems.
Well, maybe he will be happier if he find another home to live in!
You will recibe, the Gnome and the 3 mushrooms,
little watercolors made by me, in a letter.
Then, you need to put the gnome in a jar as I did, or just, use him as book mark.
Leave a comment, on Sunday night I will pick a winner.
I will mail the gnome on Monday morning!

You can leave your comment here or on my Facebook Fans Page
all comments will count!
Good Luck to everyone!

Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels
I must tell you the true, I live in the country, my husband and I live in a small house in the country, in the back yard there are a few trees, most of them are and will be to provide wood for the wood stove, but every year, there are some new ever green pine trees there.
Four years ago, I had the idea to go out and pick the best of those young trees for Christmas, I thought it was a good idea, in Spring we could bring it back to the back yard.
Frist year worked good, as the second, not the next year, the little young tree didn't make it, and the last year, the little one is still alive, but not in good shape.
So, no more natural Christmas tree for Ale this year.
So I bought a little Christmas tree for the dollar store, not a fancy one, and took me a while to think about how did I want to decorate it.
Do you remember those Vintage Angels, I remember when I was young, I used to go to the store with my mom, and look at them all the time. They used to had something that I could get my eyes from them.
So this year, I have my little Christmas Tree decorated with my own little Angeles.
You can print them out, cut, and use them as you like, to decorate your Christmas Tree, or use them as gifts cards.
If you are looking for more Christmas Angels, you can find some on my Etsy store.
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See you back soon!

First Advent Sunday

Wishing you all a beautiful First Advent Sunday
Lots of love and light in your hearts, from Miss Fox and Bird

Second Advent Sunday

Second Advent Sunday
Miss Fox is working hard to get everything ready for Christmas,
but the "to do" list is too long.
She had some free time to do something for this Second Advent Sunday,
and she even got some help from two of the little birds,
they came home with the nice surprise all dressed as Reindeers,
Miss Fox just love them!
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Have a wonderful week, full of good and creative moments!

Advent Calendar, a free Printable

Advent Calendar, a free Printable
Do you have Little ones at home for the Holidays?
Do they ask you every morning, is it Christmas yet?
Not easy for them, all they want is next morning, it is Christmas!!
Let's help them to keep track of December's days with this Advent Calendar.
You can print it in English or Spanish, and let the little ones to put a mark on each day.
Then, one morning will be Christmas!!
Feel print one, two or more, they are for free.
You will found also a free coloring page, this is a more friendly printable,
cheaper and will give your children something to do.
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Share and link this post.
Thank you for your visit.

Ya es Navidad?
Recuerdo cuando mis hijos eran pequeños y cada mañana de diciembre solian preguntarme lo mismo.
Pobres, esperan con tanto gusto esa mañana de Navidad y son tan largos los días de diciembre!
Para ayudarlos a que la espera no sea tan larga, les tengo hoy un Calendario de Adviento,
puedes pedirles a tus pequeños, que cada día una marca en cada día, de esa manera
ellos podrán ver, cuantos días faltan para esa mañana tan esperada!
Pueden descargar su Calendario de Adviento en inglés o en español,
y también encontraran un calendario para imprimir más amigable con el medio ambiente,
y que te ayudará a tener a tus hijos ocupados un rato.
Una hoja para colorear.
Dame un minuto para darle Me Gusta a mi página en Facebook,
de esa manera estarás al tanto de mis publicaciones en mi blog.
Comparte con una liga a mi blog, de esta manera, más pequeños podrán gozar
de mi Calendario de Adviento.

Thanks for your visit

Sharing this post to the always beautiful blog Colorin Colorado.

3 Free Coloring Pages, One Day at the Circus

One Day at The Circus
3 Free Coloring Pages.
Working with children when the weather outside is cold and windy,
as this past week happened here in South Quebec, can give me some challenge,
How to keep them busy and happy and the same time,
and away from the TV.
-Let's play to the circus!, I told them
You should have seen their faces, how can we play to the circus inside of the house?
- Oh, that can be easy, I told them, if we make a drawing of what we would like to see in the circus!
So, Ale grab some paper and a pen and start asking each one of them, what do you want to be today?
- Me, an elephant!! said one of the kids,
- Me, a giraffe!
- Me a horse, but not a regular one!
- ok, I told them, let's draw them really something!
Being an illustrator and working with 3 kids, boys and same age, it's a gift for me, doing what I love to do, and see the happiness my drawings can bring to them,
I couldn't be happier.
I made today for you these coloring pages, if you have little ones at home, and the weather is not to nice outside, I hope to give to your little ones something to do.
You can let me know if they spend the whole afternoon or evening busy coloring the elephant, the hipo and the giraffe.

Un dia en el Circo
Paginas para colorear.
El clima en Quebec fue muy frio y con mucho viento la semana pasada, tiempo de quedarse dentro de casa, eso es fácil de decir, pero cuando tengo que trabajar con tres pequeños,
mantenerlos lejos de la casa, ocupados y tranquilos, no es fácil.
Una ventaja de ser ilustradora y trabajar con pequeños,
es que de mi lápiz o pluma pueden salir cosas que llenan la mente de los pequeños.
Y al estar haciendo los dibujos con los pequeños a tu lado, ver sus caras, preguntarles,
qué animal quieres ser tú hoy en el circo?
- Ale, cómo puedo ser yo un animal dentro de la casa, si un elefante es muy grande?
Los pequeños de los que les platico solo tienen 4 años, de manera, que al ver como de mi pluma van saliendo los animales del circo, se entusiasman y me van pidiendo más y más.
- Ale, ponle patines!! dice uno.
- Sí Ale, ponle patines, pero de hielo!! dice otro.
- Ahora dibújame a mi arriba del elefante!!
y así fue mi tarde de mal clima con los pequeños.
Aquí te dejo estas tres hojas para colorear, las puedes descargar, y si tienes pequeños en casa, que quieran pasar un rato divertido dales estos dibujos.
Ya luego me cuentas como la pasaron.
Que tengas un muy buen día, y vuelve pronto, que tendré más para ti!!

Christmas Angels.

Christmas Angels
Are you getting ready to celebrate Christmas?, thinking about something new, full of joy, and easy to make?
I have for you these 3 Christmas Angels, I designed them thinking to bring lots of Joy to your home,
you can buy the PDF on my Etsy store, you will get a PDF file, you can download it, and make as many angels as you want to.
When you buy the Angels, you will get two angels as coloring pages, you can color them your self, or ask your children to color them for you, I know your children will do an amazing coloring work!
Thanks so much in advance for supporting one more artist work!
Coloring Page.
Angeles Navideños
Hola, que alegría tengo hoy de poder compartir con todos ustedes, el lanzamiento de mis Angeles Navideños.
Si ya están pensando en la Navidad, en qué poner nuevo este año?. Algo sencillo y fácil de hacer, pero que les de alegría al verlo?
Pues bien, aquí les tengo una idea, fácil y sencilla de hacer, pueden visitar mi tienda Etsy y comprar el PDF, lo descargan, lo imprimen, recortan y ponen unas grapas o cinta adhesiva y listo, ya pueden decorar con estos lindos Ángeles Navideños.
En la compra de los tres Ángeles Navideños, van a obtener como regalo, dos Ángeles para colorear, pueden pasar un buen rato coloreando sus Ángeles, o pedirles a los pequeños de la casa que los coloreen, yo se bien, que ellos van a hacer un muy buen trabajo.
Muchas gracias por ayudar a otro artista más!!

Paper Doll

Paper Doll
I use to remember when I was young, my mom used to buy some paper dolls, as I have 4 sisters, our mom had to find the way to keep us busy, so once in a while she used to buy for us some,
What fun was to get those paper dolls and play with them, even time has changed, I think some girls might have some fun playing with paper dolls, as winter is coming, and there will be some days everybody will stay inside, I have a free Paper Doll for you, but it is not just another one, it's Miss Fox!!, well at least for me it is something great,
Well, you can download it for free, and have some fun, and you can tell me later how did it go,

Instructions are simple, and you might know them already, print, cut and have fun!
I used a tape to tape Miss Fox, so it can stand better.
Another thing I think it is important to tell you, I'm using  Photo Paper to print out this doll, it is thicker than regular paper, easy to use, I had found it in the dollar store, so it is not so expensive, but if you use regular paper, it will work good too.
Hope you have some fun with Miss Fox.
I thanks you for your visit, have a good one!

Muñeca de Papel
Hace ya algunos años, cuando era yo pequeña, mi mamá solía comprar muñecas de papel, para mi era una gran cosa, como las amaba, pasar las tardes después de la escuela, recortando y jugando con ellas!!
Pues bien, por estos rumbos, se acerca el invierno, y algunos días tendremos que quedarnos dentro de las casas por el clima, y si en casa tienes pequeñas que les guste jugar con muñecas de papel, aquí te tengo una para descargar gratis, y no es solo una muñeca más de papel, es Miss Fox, bueno al menos para mi lo es!!
Descarga una o cuantas tú quieras!, yo la imprimí en papel para fotografía, ya que acá es difícil encontrar el papel opalina que usualmente compraba yo en México y que es perfecto para las manualidades, pero el papel fotográfico es más grueso que el papel normal y da buenos resultados, eso si, estoy usando el papel mate sin brillo, pero si tu no lo consigues, puedes usar el papel normal, segura estoy que te dará buenos resultados.
Luego me cuentas como te fue, que tanto jugaron tus pequeñas con Miss Fox.
Muchas gracias por tu visita y nos vemos pronto nuevamente.
Qué tengas un muy lindo día!!

Make a Wish!

Make a Wish !
The 3 God Mothers are here, if you could, what wish you will ask for?
Pide tu Deseo!
Las 3 hadas madrinas estan aqui!
Si pudieras pedir un deseo, que pedirias?

Christmas Angels, free printable

Christmas Angels,
Christmas is around the corner, cooler winds blow here, we have some snow in the forecast for this week-end, that makes me think on the nice weather in warmer places and countries, to make nicer thoughts on my mind, I better focus on something nicer, like making a Christmas Angels free printable for you!

It's always nice to see a happy and smiling people around us, I hope my little happy and smiling angels brings good moments and fun, while you make them,
print one or many, you can use to hang them on the Christmas tree, or use them as tags, or just hang them on a corner where you need to see a happy face looking at you.

You just need to print it out, cut and glue, remember to place a cotton lace between the two angels.
Remember also to Pin them to your Pinterest, and share them on your Facebook, and tweet about them, I will thank you!!
Show me some pictures of your angels, I will love to see them at your home!
Ale. Balanzario.
Angeles Navideños
Ya la Navidad se acerca, dentro de unas pocas semanas vamos a estar pensando en como decorar nuestra casa para la Navidad, a muchos de nosotros nos hace feliz pensar en ella.
Si a ustedes como a mi, les gusta hacer algo nuevo para la temporada, les comparto una idea fácil de hacer, solo requiere imprimir, recortar y pegar.
Pueden imprimir solo dos ángeles o tantos como quieran, segura estoy que les van a alegrar su decoración, los pueden usar como decoración o como etiquetas,
Pueden usarlos para su uso personal, los pueden compartir y les doy las gracias de antemano por poner una liga a mi blog. Recuerden tomar una foto y enviármela, me encantará ver como les quedaron.
Con mucho gusto pongo un enlace al siempre bello y lleno de buenas ideas de Colorin Colorado, que todos los viernes tiene su FINDE FRUGAL, en el cual podemos compartir nuestras ideas para hacer tantas cosas lindas,
Que tengan un muy buen fin de semana!

A PuPPet for IF.

A PuPPer for IF
Even the week for this word was last week, I thought to show my little Fox puppet to you.

Happy Week, and a digital stamp

Happy Week, I like to knit, more when the weather is turning a little bit cool, nothing like a good movie and a new project to knit,
What do you like to do while you watch TV?, do you like to do something else, or you watch TV 100%?

This time a coloring page of me knitting,
you can also make a card with it, using this illus like a digital stamp.
Have a happy and creative week.

November, free printable.

Welcome November,
A free printable for you, let's welcome November, a new month, full of possibilities, I made this printable and coloring page to share one of your favorite photo, you can cut out the white rectangle, and glue a photo on the back, you can also write down your special dates for you this month, or a good idea, will be to write down one thing you are thankful for in every day this month.
Remember to share this post, good things are better when we share!, send me a photo, I would love to see it, if you have any problema to download it, leave a comment with your e-mail, I will send you the PDF for you.
Have a beautiful and full of good things on this November all of you!

Bienvenido Noviembre.
Un calendario para ustedes con una catrina, un pan de muertos y unas veladoras, todo para recordar el Día de Muertos, que celebramos de manera tan especial en México.
Lo pueden imprimir gratis, uno o tantos como ustedes quieran, pueden recortar el rectángulo interior y pegar por atrás una foto, así podrán disfrutar y decorar una foto bonita,
La idea es que podrán anotar alguna fecha especial para ustedes que tengan en este mes,
o mejor aún, pueden anotar en cada día alguna bendición que tuvieron en ese día.
Espero les guste y lo disfruten.
Recuerden compartir este calendario de Noviembre, y enviarme una foto cuando ya lo tengan decorando su hogar, me dará mucho gusto ver sus fotos.
Buen Día y Feliz Noviembre a todos!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday !
Tell me, what are you doing today?
are you planning to do something fun, or nice?

Pink or Green Giveaway!!

Pink or Green Giveaway!

Time for a giveaway !!!, think we all love giveaways, and this time, I will make this giveaway here in my blog and in my Facebook page at the same time, I will pick the winner on Sunday night, all you need to do here, it's to leave a comment telling me wich of the two mairmaids you would like me to send you in case you are the winner. Pink or Green.

Mairmaids are made on Arches recycled paper, with watercolors, both are same size 11.5 x 17 cms,

Wish you the best luck to all of you !

Welcome to my new followers,

Rosa o Verde ?

Hoy hace una linda tarde aquí, y que más se puede pedir para hacer un Sorteo, sí, creo que a todos nos gustan los sorteos, y cuando se trata de poder ganar una sirena, pues que mejor, no creen?,

Esta vez, voy a hacer el sorteo al mismo tiempo aquí en mi blog, y en mi página de Facebook, por lo que puedes dejar tu comentario aquí, o dejarlo en ambos, te contarían como dos entradas !!

En tu comentario dime, cual de las dos sirenas te gustaría recibir, el domingo en la noche les diré el nombre de la persona que resulte ganadora, en tu comentario déjame tu correo electrónico en caso de que no lo tenga yo. Para poder avisarte si resultaste el ganador de la sirena.

Las sirenas son ilustraciones hechas en papel Arches reciclado, mide cada una 11.5 x 17 cm.

Mucha suerte a todos!

Bienvenidos a mis nuevos seguidores!

The winner of this giveaway is Pilar Hoyos Carrasco, she left her comment on my Facebook page,  congratulations Pilar.

This giveaway is now closed, thanks so much !