Last days for #doodleadaymay

Shadow for #doodleadaymay
Having fun making a doodle a day, almost May is over, June list is ready
Will you join to make a #doodleaday?
Do you like to draw?

Coloring Book for adults with Quilting Designs

Coloring book for adults Quilting Designs
It's time to talk about it, you know I love to make quilts, but I also love to draw,
this time I worked with these two passions in my life to make a Coloring book with Quilting Designs.
Inspired with the timeless designs of Baltimore quilting, with flowers, leaves, baskets, vases, and even birds.
I'm sure you will love to spend time coloring the 12 pages of my coloring book.
It's listed on my Etsy Shop, as an instant download, you can buy it there, and download it to start working on it.
I thank you for supporting my passion on this journey into illustration!
Coloring Book for Adults, Quilting Designs

Coloring book for adults, Quilting desings

Coloring book for adults Quilting Designs

How to work transparency in an illustration

transparency in an illustration
Transparency in an Illustration
I just finished the online course about Color on Illustration, with the great illustrator and teacher Marian Lario.
I learnt many new things on this subject, this illustration was my homework for the 5th week, I worked here with hand carved stamps, then I scanned it and on photoshop I cleaned the background, and using layers with the mode multiply, I added some color with transparency.
Something new for me, really interesting and love the result.


How To Make A Mother's Day Card On Your IPad.

Mother's Day Card
Full Tutorial.
Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!
I have been having lots of fun working on two drawing apps on my IPad.
Both are free, and easy to use, to make a Mother's card is easy, just follow these steps and you will get your also.
You can write your message in any language, here is Happy Mother's Day in Spanish.
Mother's Day card full tutorial
I began to do the sketch on Adobe Sketch app.
1. you need to get a new white paper, then draw the sketch with the pencil with light gray.
Mother's day full tutorial
2. With the point crayon and with the darker green draw the leaves.
Mother's Day full tutorial
3. With the same point marker, with a lighter green draw the lights on the leaves.
Mother's day card full tutorial
4. With the thick marker and in dark red, draw the circles for the roses.
Mother's day card, full tutorial
5. With the thick marker, draw the lights on the roses first with the medium tone of red, then with the lighter red, this will look like pink.
With the pencil and with dark red draw spirals on each of the red flowers.
6. With the point marker with dark yellow, draw the four petals flower, then draw the lights with the same marker with light yellow.
With the fine marker with blue, draw the two little flowers, then with same marker and with a lighter blue, draw the lights of each of these flowers.
Mother's day card, full tutorial
6. With the pencil with dark green, draw some curly lines here and there.
mother's day card, full tutorial
7. With the point marker with dark and dark yellow, do some point here and there.

Mother's day card, full tutorial
Save your design on this apps on your IPad,
Mother's day card, full tutorial
8. Open PICSPLAY apps for your IPad, I got it also for free,
Here I worked to crop the black frame and to write the message.
You can save any of these 3 Mother's Day message to wish your mom a Happy Mother's Day.
If you like this tutorial, remember to PIN and Share it.
I thank you for making the time to stop by and read this tutorial!
Have a great week-end and Happy Mother's Day.

Doodle-a-Day Challenge, May 2015 begins. Will you do it?

May 6th, #doodleadaymay
Five dog friends #doodleadaymay
#doodleadaymay May 4th
Fear, ale balanzario
Science #doodleadaymay
Sunday, May 3rd.
Fear, ale balanzario
May 2nd, #doodleadaymay
May is here, and the list to follow Doodle-a-Day May 2015 is here,
you are welcome to join this challenge,
a doodle a day.
I will be posting here my doodles for the week.
I may not be able to do it everyday, I will do my best.