How to make a Miss Fox Illustration.

Miss Fox and the Dent de Lion

Miss Fox is a little Fox, gentle, always happy, just retired of the forest life, she really likes small town life, lately she has decided to live with 3 little blue birds, this has taken to Miss Fox to quit on eating meat.

No need to worry about the little birds, the four of them live happy together, yes in my house!

It's always nice to work on a new illustration of Miss Fox, lately, as the weather feels warmer, Miss fox just woke up from the long and deep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz time.

Has been playing and dancing on my desk, looking to bring some joy to my friends and family.

As you can see drawing a Miss Fox is not hard for me, I just need to get in my studio, grab a pencil and a piece of watercolor paper, and Miss Fox is already there, first I do the sketch with pencil, then I draw it with a permanent marker, and let it dry.

While it was getting dry, my mom and one of my sisters came to the studio and we had a chat, oh yes, the beautiful white cat of the house can't miss a good chat, but look!!

What an attitude this white cat has, in the middle of the chat, just went to place her whole body on Miss Fox!! , think Miss Fox was not happy at all!! , oh well, what can I do!

This morning, when Miss Fox, permanent ink is dry, I started to work with the watercolors, one coat at the time, until I like how Miss Fox looks like. Watercolor sometimes I need to let it dry between coats.

When I like how Miss Fox looks, I let her dry completly, then it's time to get a pair of scissors and cut Miss Fox our.

The last step is to turn around the bottom of the illustration and Miss Fox is ready to stand up and bring some joy on a desk or on a night table, anywhere you want to put Miss Fox on.

This time Miss Fox is a special order, the lucky owner asked me Miss Fox blowing to a Dent de Lion, making some wishes up?,

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Take care and have a very nice day!

See you soon with more Miss Fox adventures!


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