Large, what to do if you find a large daffodil in your garden.


Miss Fox got up early this morning,
as the weather is warmer, she was so happy to find a LARGE daffodil in her garden.

The good thing about being an illustrator and be able to draw happy characters is to have happy things around the house.

I began to draw a doodle a day for March, today's word is LARGE, first thing to came up to my head was to see the little Miss Fox so happy to find a Large daffodil, in her garden!, her favorite flower.

When I make an illustration and I keep in on my sketch book, they will be there for long time, nobody will see them,

How to make an illustration everyone can enjoy it:

- Draw your illustration.
- Wait till it gets dry (when I use watercolor, color pencils, markers, it's better to wait untill the illustration gets dry before you start working with it)
- Cut it off, here an important thing to think about is how do you plan the illustration will stand up by it self. Work on it, this time, I just cut a long piece of paper on the bottom, I made one cut on each end and hooked both together, then I press a little to make the bottom round, this way, Miss fox can stand up by it self.
- Place your illustration some where in the house where everyone can see it.

An illustration is not only to be kept in a book, an illustration can be as many things as you want to, if you are an illustration, think on what you want your illustration to be!

Hope you get a nice and creative day, keep positive and happy.

If you find something nice and it makes you happy, leave me a comment and tell me about it. I'd love to read about it.


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