Keep It Simple, A New Acrylic Painting

Ale Balanzario acrylic
Keep It Simple

I have been busy lately, and I might say, very busy, a few months ago, I came up to a beautiful painting, a still life, so colorful and so much on it, the painting by itself could tell me a whole story every time I look at it, the author of course is Este Macleod.

If you have seen Este's work, every work is a piece of art, so I follow her on Facebook page and on Pinterest.

One day I saw on Este's Facebook, she was going to have an online course "Explore Colour Course", I didn't think twice, I signed on!.

This course is two weeks long, and everyday is fantastic, this course is full with knowledge and creativity, Este shares all her knowledge, she has tasks to do everyday.

It was a great online course, from a new medium for me, it was the first time I did something with acrylics, and a new whole way to make a painting.