A Gnome in a Jar!

A Gnome in a Jar !
I'm staying at home today... all day!, forecast says Snow Storm for today,
What to do for fun, when you need to stay inside all day, and it happens you are an illustrator.
Well, I got A Gnome in a Jar!, another Christmas decorations,
Just a piece of paper for watercolor, and something had to come up from it.
a little Gnome, he might not be so happy I got him, and I put it in a Jar!
Glup, I hope I don't get in bad problems.
Well, maybe he will be happier if he find another home to live in!
You will recibe, the Gnome and the 3 mushrooms,
little watercolors made by me, in a letter.
Then, you need to put the gnome in a jar as I did, or just, use him as book mark.
Leave a comment, on Sunday night I will pick a winner.
I will mail the gnome on Monday morning!

You can leave your comment here or on my Facebook Fans Page
all comments will count!
Good Luck to everyone!

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