Christmas Angels

Christmas Angels
I must tell you the true, I live in the country, my husband and I live in a small house in the country, in the back yard there are a few trees, most of them are and will be to provide wood for the wood stove, but every year, there are some new ever green pine trees there.
Four years ago, I had the idea to go out and pick the best of those young trees for Christmas, I thought it was a good idea, in Spring we could bring it back to the back yard.
Frist year worked good, as the second, not the next year, the little young tree didn't make it, and the last year, the little one is still alive, but not in good shape.
So, no more natural Christmas tree for Ale this year.
So I bought a little Christmas tree for the dollar store, not a fancy one, and took me a while to think about how did I want to decorate it.
Do you remember those Vintage Angels, I remember when I was young, I used to go to the store with my mom, and look at them all the time. They used to had something that I could get my eyes from them.
So this year, I have my little Christmas Tree decorated with my own little Angeles.
You can print them out, cut, and use them as you like, to decorate your Christmas Tree, or use them as gifts cards.
If you are looking for more Christmas Angels, you can find some on my Etsy store.
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