Miss Fox, Birdie and the twins

Let's be creative.

Miss Fox, Birdie and the twins can be on my desk for the momento, I had the idea to draw them on the toilet paper rolls, it was fun to make them, now I can look at them most of the time while I'm working,

I will keep them for my grand son,

You can sabe some toilet paper rolls, and draw something on them, will make a good toy for kids at home, think this will be a perfect idea for those raining days!, your kids can make them by themselves.


A ser creativos.

Miss Fox, Birdie y los gemelos se la pasan ya sobre mi escritorio todo el tiempo, fui guardando unos rollos de papel higiénico, y dibuje a mis personajes sobre ellos, tú también los puedes hacer unos rollos de papel higiénico con tus dibujos, con un marcador negro y coloreándolos con lápices de colores, sé que te quedarán perfectos.

Yo los míos se los guardaré a mi nieto, si tienes en casa pequeños, sé que les va a encantar jugar con ellos,

otra buena idea, es que los pequeños de la casa los hagan ellos mismos!

4 comentarios:

  1. They are wonderful!! And do you know what? I imagine them on cups, too - I would buy one to drink my coffee in, for sure!:)

    1. Good day Rossichka, thanks for your visit and comment, wow, you too think they will look good on cups, I might give them a try.
      Have a wonderful day and week!

  2. They are just adorable ! and a very good way to recycle toilet paper rolls. Brillant idea indeed.

    1. Thanks so much for your visit, yes I think this is a good way to recycle toilet paper rolls, and children can be so creative with them, have a very nice day!