Animals Free Coloring Page

Animals Free Coloring Page
 Animals Free Coloring Page

I'm back from some vacation time in Mexico, where I was lucky enough to spend great time with my grandson, he is only 5 years old now.

One day we were doing some drawings on paper, and he asked me to do some animal faces on a piece of paper, it came a nice piece of paper, and he did a great job adding some color to it.

But you know, a 5 years old boy, can move so fast sometimes, and he was folding the paper in half when an accident happened and the piece of paper was in two little pieces, not big drama, as he is a very nice boy.

He asked me to do the drawing again, what I couldn't as we had to do some homework for the school then. Now back at home, I had some free time to do it again, not the same as the other one, but it looks pretty much as I remember it.

Well, now I'm missing my grandson a lot, he is a good company to be with, looking forward to visit him soon,

Please feel free to download this coloring page for free. If you color it up, take a photo and share it with me in a comment or in my Facebook page.

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Animals Free Coloring Page

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