How to think on love


How to think on love?

It's already January 15th, it's about time to think on love,
this time, I made an illustration about how I use to think on love,
Love for me is about many shapes and colors,
not only love as many of us use to think,
I used to think on love as love.
Not anymore, love means more to me now, love can be in any moment, not only on San Valentine's Day, love can be in any smile, not only from your love one, love can be in quiet moments, not only in parties and good times, and I could keep writing more and more, as life has many moments to live on, and in every moment I can see, and feel love.
That is why I like to draw love with this illustrations, hearts on many colors.
I would love to hear from you, what is love for you?, where do you find love?, how do you give love to your family, friends and other people?
If you like this post, feel free to share it. I will love it!!
See you back here soon.

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