My Nativity.

In Every Home
this Xmas,
well, if you like to have a Nativity in your home,
here I have one for you to print it for free,
at home, its ready,
if you want a PDF to print it,
just leave me a comment.
in my Christmas to do list, I already check this out.
En cada hogar
esta Navidad,
bueno, si te gusta poner Nacimiento,
aqui te dejo este para imprimir gratis.
dejame un comentario para enviarte el PDF
y puedas imprimirlo bien,
En mi lista de cosas que hacer para la Navidad,
mi Nacimiento ya esta hecho!!

2 comentarios:

  1. Hola Ale, me gusta tu ilustración, te envié un mail la semana pasada creo o la anterior!!! :)

  2. Dear Ale, I see that I've missed wonderful things in your blog! Although it's a liiiitle bit late, I would be happy if you send me PDF files of the Nativity drawing and of the sweet elves (I'll make a garland right away - they can bring gifts any time!) I'm wishing you many new exciting moments at your creative table during 2014!! The calendar is wonderful!!!