Pencil and digital

Tomorrow begins a new whole week, need a little motivation?,
Let's have a very nice week!!, yes, we can!!



Mañana inicia una nueva semana, necesitas un poco de motivación?
Vamos, podemos tener una muy buena semana!!, si podemos!!

3 comentarios:

  1. Hello, Ale! With this sweet drawing I cannot start my week otherwise but with a smile! I hope these seven days will be like a trip in your funny, weird car!:D

  2. I like your new, summer header! You've drawn your mermaids in a different style - they (and the fish) are just adorable!!!!

  3. Hi Rossichka, so far this week, so good, here even the weather has been not to nice this summer, cold and lots of rain, this week has been nice and easy, easy at work, and lots of time to give to my illustrations, can't ask for more!!
    Thanks for your nice and lovely comments, will pay you a visit soon :)