Spring Time !

Spring Time !
13 x 9.5 inches.

Spring time, what a joy, today is the first day I can go out side with no coat on!, feels so good,
Tiempo de Primavera !
13 x 9.5 pulgadas.

Tiempo de Primavera, que alegría, hoy es el primer día que puedo salir sin ponerme un abrigo, se siente tan bien!

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  1. It's the same with me, Ale! I have a "fresh" post about spring, too!:)I l like your new characters and the texture of the earth. Such a nice mood in this watercolour! Happy spring!!

  2. Rossichka, Im so happy we are both enjoying Spring, isnt it so lovely!! all the new colors, all the new flowers, and the warm weather, :)