To help a friend.

Hello my dear friends, this time one of our friends need help, she makes lovely watercolor and so cute felt little creatures, but today, life has given some sad and difficult moments, you can read a little bit more about her present life here, if you can help her, Im sure she will very thankful, and if you can make a post about her in your blog, it will be great, the more friends she can get will be really good.
Hola mis queridos y queridas amigas, es un gusto poder estar en contacto con ustedes por medio de nuestros blogs, por medio de ellos nos podemos conocer, ver los bellos trabajos que cada una hace y comparte, y muchas veces hacemos muy buenas amistades.
Hoy, una muy linda persona y amiga necesita nuestro apoyo, pueden leer mas sobre lo que le pasa aqui, y aqui... si pueden darle una pequena ayuda, juntos todas le podremos ayudar bien. O bien, pueden publicar sobre ella en su blog, para que mas amigas le puedan tender la mano,
Muchas gracias!

2 comentarios:

  1. Dear Ale, thank you for this post!:)It's great that so many people, not only Gretel's friends and those who follow her blog, want to help her in the way they can! And you are one of them!... I hope this love and support are giving her strength to go on...

  2. Dear Rossichka, hope Gretel can make it up soon, I belive, giving a hand to others is always a pleasure, I love her work and her, hope many people, and I know many people are helping her :), hope this will be enough to help her.